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You can only learn so much from a resume.

I own a small calligraphy business called Love Letter Calligraphy, which allows me to practice creative handwriting and calligraphy for weddings and events. Check out my work on insta.

I love reading - especially love reading used copies of classic novels found in used book shops.​ I also like cramming in extra novels by listening to them on Audible. Favorite authors: Alexandre Dumas and J.M. Barrie​

The three kinds of places I love the most are: a remote mountain lake or trail, a manicured park or garden, or the impressionist section of an art gallery. If I'm in one of these places, I'm in my happy place.

One day I hope to publish a novel. I ​(maybe) have already started.

I'm originally from St. Louis and lived and worked in Kansas City after college at The University of Missouri (Mizzou) in Columbia, Missouri.

I have two sisters, one two years younger and one 13 years younger, who are both my best friends.

I'm obsessed with exploring new places. I don't just mean Europe, Africa and the whole world. I mean a new trail or new camping spot or restaurant. I want to see & experience it all!

I convinced my boyfriend (now Husband) to move to Jackson Hole, myself having been there only once for a grand total of three days spent entirely in the backcountry. I was hooked from the very first moment!

I discovered my love of classical music (especially Romantic) while working at the Grand Teton Music Festival in Jackson Hole. I still attend as many concerts as I can each summer. Favorite composers: Dvorak and Tchaikovsky

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​I'm a crazy dog mom and proud goldendoodle owner (his name is Copper and you can follow him on Instagram).

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